Master of Orion

Strategy 1993 Dos Dosbox Microprose Empire management Space combat

What Elite Started Master of Orion perfected

Creating a huge universe is not that much of a problem, but populating it with interesting races, planets, galaxies and turning it into a good game is hard to accomplish. But Master of Orion persevered and by taking the lessons learned from Elite and other 4X giants created the perfect blend of 4X gameplay. Master of Orion allows the player a level of freedom at the strategic, tactical and economical level never before seen at the time. This is partly because the game is not a real time strategy; instead it is played by taking turns. You can control each scenario you play, the number of plants, the number of aliens and the difficulty of the game. Thus, you never have to feel overwhelmed, although the game can become very complicated and very hard to wrap your head around. If you truly want to experience this game be ready to start looking for tutorials, for game FAQs, for guides. It will ask for your entire attention and will provide you with a spectacular experience every time. Once you've experience the original, don't forget about the later additions in the series, Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares and Master of Orion III, both of which added their own polish and took the recipe even further.

Colonize planets

A very good game. You colonize planets, and govern them much like towns in Civilization. Ground battle is very simple, but space battles and the ship design are quite extensive. You research in many different fields, from force fields and bombs, to ship engines, and economic systems. Diplomacy with other races, from alliances and wars, to trade and science treaties, it is very in depth. This game has a lot to it, but it is simple to learn and very, very fun and addictive. A sure classic, 10/10, this and Master of Magic are 2 of the most creative and innovative games, and 2 of the best ever made. RIP Micropose.

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