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The first in a great series of builder and strategy games

Stronghold asks the player to build as good a fortified castle as possible. As you would expect from a strategy game that also has a very powerful economic element, you won't have unlimited resources to reach your goal, instead you will have to do the best with what you have available. On a level the game is a simple builder, a game not unlike a simplified Sim City, but set in a medieval setting. On the other hand, you won't have only the construction tasks to mind, but also the management of your inhabitants as well as the pressures of impending war. When it comes to doing battle, you better have build a strong offensive as well as strong, thick walls for your castle, otherwise you risk being overrun by the forces that are generally more powerful than yours. There are tricks that can aid you in cheating the AI, such as deliberately leaving a small spot in your walls. The enemies are not smart enough not to go head first towards this small place, where your archers can snipe them easily. But, don't forget, this is the first title in the series and the following Stronghold games will better the recipe and make it more consistent and bug free. However, if you want to see how the series got started this is it, a good overall game with some AI problems but otherwise pretty decent.

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