Blood & Magic

Strategy 1996 Dos Dosbox Interplay Fantasy Real time Top down Adventure Indie Simulation Rpg

Nice try, but not nice enoough

Brought to us by Interplay, this game used one of the Forgotten Realms settings, which is a series of Dungeons and Dragons game settings. This fantasy real time strategy game is set in the land called the Utter East and is very vast, since it allows you to choose one of five huge campaigns of increasing difficulty, each with its storyline. In the game, you take on the role of wizards, using blood magic to create monsters. The basic units of the game are the basal golems, which provide mana for the production of new units and can be turned into buildings or monsters. To get more and stronger creatures, you have tu unlock the ability by researching. And research costs experience points. All is connected and the system is very effective. The gameplay is very similar to the Dune series and Warcraft RTS, but unfortunately has a lot slower pacing and overall gameplay. The gameplay can easily turn into a routine and that can get boring. While the game's variety and creatures and terrain might be a positive side for the game, the slow and over time routine gameplay is definitely a setback. The graphics are nicely colored but very small and minimized, which is seen a lot more with the game's top down point of view. It is very grainy so you can barely recognize one kind of unit from the other. The sountrack and voice acting are really great, though. The game is worth a shot for novice strategy lovers, but it might be to slow and boring for the more experienced ones.

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