Mayday Squad

Action 1989 Dos Dosbox Tynesoft Computer Software Third Person

Special agents on a mission to save an embassy

Mayday Squad is a highly strategic, well coordinated strategy game, that wants nothing else but to offer you an immersive special operations run, into the daily lives of the Mayday Squad, a squad of secret agents and expert danger assessment and intervention. For the most part, Mayday Squad is great on one hand because it creates the build and the beautiful world that is believable, that has all the necessary ideas that you want to have and so on. And, with that in mind it simply is great for the purpose, of creating a world where you can exercise these tactics. Plus, it allows you to tackle the action via some actions that are deemed special, that will allow you to coordinate attacks, shoot very precisely or disarm attackers. It's a hard, mind game, but also an action one, a cool blend of retro tactics. And the graphics are not half bad for its age, while the controls are just fine, they work without issues. A good alternative is also Syndicate, but if you download and play this one, everything else might seem a little lacking in subtlety and options! So choose your order of play with care!

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