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Baffling comic book adventure

No, this isn't a game about getting your car through its regular check-up (British readers will understand the reference, others perhaps not), but is instead a bizarre little experience that is based on a relatively unknown comic strip and which hails from the same company which brought you Livingstone. However, while the concept is intriguing, the execution leaves a lot to be desired and you're left with a game which has plenty of personality but doesn't have the gameplay to back it up. The titular MOT is a three meter monster that packs a vicious set of horns and has the handy ability to travel through time and space. Fortunately, he's your best friend, which is kind of cool, but unfortunately he also has the habit of getting up to tricks that you end up getting the blame for. The gameplay is actually fairly mystifying and takes the form of a sort of side scrolling platform adventure, like a bizarre hybrid of Castlevania and Manic Miner, but split into multiple views and where the exact point of it all is unfortunately rather obscure. There are also some overhead action sequences but these are again baffling. There's a lot of trudging around but not a lot of real action which is a shame, as visually MOT is quite splendid, with some lovely chunky old-school sprites and backdrops. It's not enough to save the game from being merely a curiosity and ultimately, the dull, tedious gameplay and irritating minimalist sound effects are likely to have most gamers turning off pretty rapidly. Stick with Dizzy if you want a proper adventure.

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