Cybergenic Ranger: Secret of the 7th Planet

Action 1990 Dos Dosbox Symtus Science Fiction Third Person

Passable actioner

This is a particularly obscure and little-known game that resembles a sci-fi version of Altered Beast mixed with elements of Trantor and other such shooters. Unfortunately however, this game lacks the charm or fun factor to make it worth playing for anything more than a brief period. The rather inane background reveals that the Cybergenic Ranger was launched from a spacecraft by his loving parents to save him from a robot assault, but who was handily saved by a passer-by who just happened to be dishing out cybernetic enhancements. The game continues with the player seeking revenge against the aforementioned robots, which basically means exploring, jumping and shooting your way through a few sci-fi themed environments like spaceship interiors and alien landscapes, collecting weapons to upgrade your own craft. That's about all there is to the game really and it is very much a standard slice of platforming/shooting action with nothing original to make it stand out from the crowd. Perhaps the only notable element is the graphics, which are quite pleasing, with some nice chunky sprites and some highly detailed and unusual environments, with the alien landscapes being particularly striking. Apart from this, it's business as usual, with very basic shooting and jumping action being the only element to the game. It's reasonably fun while it lasts, but the lack of variety and challenge soon gets repetitive and boredom quickly sets in. If all you need is some undemanding action, then there are better examples out there, from Ghosts & Goblins to Turrican 2 to Savage, but this is little better than passable.

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