Mega Man X4

Action 1997 Windows Capcom Cartoon Platformer

Another classic Capcom platformer

Megaman is another enduring legend of the gaming industry and one of Capcom's most popular creations. This is the fourth in the spinoff series, Megaman X, and while it similar to the original set of games, the X series is widely considered the better, and with this particular game seen by many as the finest example of Megaman's charms. The game features an engaging storyline which is told via some impressive fully animated cutscenes, and finds Megaman caught up in a complex conflict between humans and intelligent robots. The themes touched upon by the story are a notch above the usual videogame standards and it is this maturity which helps the series stand out from the crowd and elevate it to something more. Gameplay is fairly traditional Megaman-style action, featuring several large stages which must be explored and which are populated by an array of enemies and hazards, which must be destroyed or avoided. Into the mix are thrown vehicles like hover bikes and mecha, which really add to the fun, while the ability to play as either one of two characters, each with their own unique skills, also bumps up the replay value. These skills are genuinely distinct, encouraging a different playstyle and providing some serious challenge to use well. The levels are all well designed and imaginative, with lovely, chunky sprites and detailed environments full of old-school charm. For nostalgia buffs in need of some serious platforming action, it doesn't get much better than this, and Megaman X4 remains an enjoyable piece of gaming history. Do yourself a favour, and check it out.

Beat the bad guyz

If you want to go with my experience, Mega Man X4 is one of most thrilling old games from Capcom which are still famous. The game is not just limited to fighting the bad guys as it goes beyond its original theme. The controls are as swift and easy as they can get. The motion speed of the characters here has been calibrated perfectly and this allows for easy control and perfect execution of the moves. The X's and the Zeroes are the two character lines from which you can select from. Each line has its own set of abilities which need to be employed at the right moment. The graphics at each level are fascinating and exceed one's expectation for an old school game. The game play is cheesy and there is no chance to get bored because every character gives you something new on the cards. Well i must say that this game has stood the test of time and really drives you back into the golden period of PC games. Mega Man 3 is another exciting prospect in the Mega Man series.

The best of the entire X series

In my opinion, the best out of the entire X series. The music sticks with you (it's awesome), the storyline is riveting (plot twists galore), and touches on deeper subjects besides the usual beat-the-badguy routine.As far as gameplay, the controls are fluid and extremely comfortable because the characters' movements arent' too fast nor too slow. X's abilities are interesting but difficult to handle unless you figure out the right time/situation to employ them. You get two stories (character select): Zero's or X's, and both are extremely rewarding.The levels are absolutely stunning and seem to span beyond what you see on the screen. Don't let the age of this game fool you: it is far more well-rounded and fascinating than the newer games Capcom is chugging out these days.It's got the right amount of old-school without being boring and cheesy, and it's got the right amount of tension and dirty grunge. I wish I hadn't worn my disc out.

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