Metal Mutant

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Silmarils Platformer

So, what is your favorite robot attire?

A fabulous side scrolling action game, this classic sports great level design, rich and beautiful graphics and tons of mindless action that will keep you up for hours. Although you start the game in your basic form, you can transform at any time into three other forms, each cooler that the last and each with their special moves and tons of different weapons. I can say for sure that I haven't seen a game from that time that has so many different options and cool weapons and that makes me love the game all the more. Each of the provided forms also has some disadvantages, too - if you choose to play the Robocop-like form, you will be a lot faster and much more agile but your weapons will be less various and if you choose to play another form that reminds me a lot of R2D2 from Star Wars, your movement might be limited but you'll have a near endless amount of different weaponry at your disposal. The gameplay is fairly simple - travel from one end of the level to the other and destroy everything in your path while finding the exit. The graphics are very rich and the animation is splendid and there are also lots of very cool sound effects that increase the enjoyment of the game. All in all, Metal Mutant is a very fun game for all those who are looking for a few hours of midless action and a very good time.

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