Action 1989 Dos Dosbox Silmarils Historical Platformer

An average arcage game

It is a simple yet exciting platform action game with a side scrolling layout. The game has some intuitive graphics which are very well defined for a platform game of the 80's. The plot is very simple and that is to kill the veil foozle. You will find here many different characters and a variety of 120 landscapes which gives it a somewhat good variety and depth. The gameplay is though swift in terms of the levels but it is quite competitive. The monsters also keep on changing with every level and feature some good variety of animations. Yes the game has the option of save points but they only occur at some specific points which might be a frustrating thing for some of the arcade game lovers. The tough competition and the urgency to reach the save point keeps you much bonded with the game. The sounds are quite typical but the controls are fine as they are equally good for those using keyboard and those using joysticks. Well I would rate it as an overall average game which is good enough to cater one's interest. The game is a recall to Psygnosis but has better graphics.

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