Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3: Battle for Europe

Simulation 2002 Windows Microsoft Flight Military flight

One of Microsoft's combat flight sims

For some reason the commercial flight simulators from Microsoft had always received more attention and more praise, maybe because their history dates back a longer period back in the past. Comparably, the Combat Flight series is more recent but it is not without its merits: this third game paints a good picture of what the series was all about. It contains missions that allow you to fly for the US, for England and for the Germans (Luftwaffe) in missions that will see you exploring diverse scenarios based on the WWII history. There are 34 aircrafts to choose from and the AI will put up quite a fight. The missions are quite varied, seeing you go on solo missions, going on longer missions in which you are but one pilot in a larger squadron or, even more, you can be a gunner rather than the pilot in planes that allow for more than one member crew. At any rate the missions are diverse, fun, exhilarating and they are all painted in this 3D landscape that is very interesting looking, rather modern and full of detail. The game also has a few aircrafts that were just experimental at the time of the real conflict, and this adds a edge to the game, as you have so much more options to tinker with. So, give it a try, it's a very well put together game, a game to see you flex your piloting muscles, on and on!

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