Eurofighter Typhoon

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Sky is the limit

There are pros and cons to every genre, but flight simulators are the least forgiving genre in my opinion. Hardcore players expect full service when it comes to flight realism, airplane properties and behavior. They are not so forgiving of shortcomings as your regular RPG or RTS guy. That probably has something to do with the countless hours they spend flying a plane in the middle of nowhere, and the only person to talk to is the imaginary flight control. That, apparently, is a mayor turnon for some folks. I can't imagine why. After two hours of that i would be flying with the eagles myself, for few seconds at least. Nevertheless even flight sims have their moments. Feeling of freedom you get from flying in a jet is surprisingly liberating, even though it is a make believe jet. Anyway, i got to reviewing Eurofighter Typhoon, a combat flight simulation made by Rage studios and published by Ubisoft. The centerpiece of the game is the new Eurofighter, due to become the leading fighter plane of several EU nations some years from now. Story is hardly believable, but sufficient to keep the game going. The Russians have invaded Iceland, in an attempt to control the water passage between Iceland and the continent. If you didn't notice, i am not a particular fan of flight sims, but even i couldn't neglect some shortcomings of this game. The planes seem very light, and even with a full load they move surprisingly agile. Enemies have a hilarious tendency to perform miracles, because some of the moves they make, no human pilot could endure in real flight situation (not an expert but too much is too much). Your plane lacks a rudder control, which is odd, to say the least. Arsenal of weapons at your disposal is better suited for a space simulation and that says enough. Even so, game is pretty fun to play, and can provide entertaining distraction. But if you want a real flight sim turn to other titles (Combat flight simulator II).

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