Air Offensive: The Art of Flying

Simulation 2003 Windows Summitsoft Entertainment Flight War Military flight Action

3D shooting, futuristic and very arcade

With Air Offensive: The Art of Flying you will be a pilot of the future, trying to take down as many enemy aircrafts as possible; this takes a lot of preparation, a lot of skill and also, a lot if fast shooting and air traveling, but this game has it all! Surely, the 3D engine, while modern and adequate, hadn't been used too much, in the sense that the world is by no means too complex or too diverse. But, then again, it's not the scenery that will draw your attention, but the many fast moving targets that need to be taken down with care, ease and a steady hand! And, as you'll find out, making sure that you are a top pilot is not that hard. But you will need to have a good joystick, even if the keyboard controls are decent. Certainly tough, with a joystick you have much more control of your ship, and you can select whom to shoot much better. There are 7 aircrafts to choose from, each one with a unique configuration, some speedier, others capable of withstanding more damage, others more fit for carrying larger weaponry. Similar to this one download Incoming too for a dose of gameplay much like this one offers.

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