Jetfighter V: Homeland Protector

Simulation 2003 Windows Global Star Software Flight Military flight

Mission based flight sim with modern graphics

Jetfighter V: Homeland Protector is a game somewhere between arcade and simulator, tending more towards simulation in the physics of flight, but rather arcadey in the manner it treats its missions: the missions are diverse but they're not representation (or, at least, not accurate representations of actual flight missions) of actual, real life mission. Instead the game is ok with telling you about 30 different stories, all linked together by the fact that you will be piloting the same aircraft in all of them. Fail the mission by getting hit or at times spotted by the radar and you have to go again. So, if you were hoping for some history recreation here, that is not the case. But, the 3 different Lockheed Martin Jets that you cah choose from and the option to create your own missions can be interesting and a reason to keep the game installed. The graphics will also work in favor of the game, in that the 3D here is very nice, not too jaggedly, not to realistic, just the right kind of blend to keep you playing without taking you out of the game. Also, a good addition to consider is using your joystick, otherwise controlling the game can be quite a task. At any rate, the series is worth a go, so do visit JetFighter V as well if you enjoyed this but ran out of missions.

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