Mind Games Entertainment Pack for Windows

Puzzle 1995 Windows New World Computing Board games Cards

A nice game with a strong AI

Mind Games Entertainment Pack for Windows is a 1995 collection of nine classic board games: backgammon, checkers, chess, Chinese Chess, 4 In A Line, Reversi, Go, Gomoku and Renju. This game excels when it comes to the artificial intelligence and this is the main reason you will like it. The options like animation, aggression factors, stacking, autoplay, hints, setups, swapping sides or turns, 2D or 3D views can be customizable depending on your preferences. You will find the point-and-click interface very simple and user-friendly. During the gameplay, you will be provided some useful hotkeys. If you need help regarding how you can play the specific games, there are competent tutorials that explain everything like the history, game rules, the menu and other in-game items. I, personally, felt like the producers focused more in the game's style (animations, effects, patterns), than on the general gameplay. Playing these games in real life are totally a better alternative, because nothing compares to the genuine feeling of competition against your opponents. So, this kind of investment is more advantageous and more fun. But this doesn't mean that Mind Games Entertainment Pack for Windows is not worth your time. You should try it and see for yourself what suits best you tastes regarding classic board games.

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