Trump Castle 3

Puzzle 1993 Dos Dosbox Capstone Board games Cards

A very well done casino bundle

If you were looking for an early 90s casino bundle of games, well, this might just be it, one of the best I've tried from the era, quite well realized graphically, very atmospheric, and containing the top casino games that you'd most likely want to play. Thus, you have a roulette game, craps, poker, you have a few slots game machines, a baccarat table too, and also blackjack. You can also play with up to 4 other players via modem, an addition that you cannot really use today. But don't worry, the AI does a great job in almost all of these games. The blackjack table for instance is very well produced, simple to play and respects the rules of the game to the letter. Also, the same cards and the same style is preserved for the poker table. The slots are relatively interesting, though I'd assume you won't be spending too much time with these, though, again, they aren't necessarily bad. The roulette is also pretty well done to. You can walk in between the tables and games, because you get this character you can move around with. Pretty atmospheric throughout, and the 2D graphics are definitely well produced. Another good alternative can be Casino Inc, the best of the 3D casino games around.

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