Intelligent Strategy Games 10

Strategy 1993 Dos Dosbox Oxford Softworks Board games

Collection of 10 board games; very playable

As the name suggests simply and satisfyingly enough, without too much pomp, this is a game bundle that contains 10 board games: it has a version of GO, a 4 in a line, version, Othello, Gomoku, Backgammon, a version of Chinese and a normal version of Chess, as well as a game of Bridge. All of these are playable, and what they lack is additional content for each particular game, but then again, graphically all of them are very well presented and you won't have no issues just recognizing the games and playing them. The least well executed are the Chess game and the game of Bridge, but all the other simpler ones are very playable and feature different difficulty levels, so you can just jump in and start playing at the level you are most comfortable with. Compared to a bundle such as the Entertainment Pack for Windows, Intelligent Strategy Games 10 stands up pretty tall, and overall, it is a satisfying experience. Just make sure you don't count on the included Chess games neither the Bridge version that has been included. Rather try to locate a better version for these two games. The rest however are immediately playable and beautifully executed.

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