Mind Prober

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Psychoanalysis for beginners and adventure gamers!

Mind Prober is more of a software suite than a game, but some of the mannerisms in which you will interact with the game are very much a staple of adventure gaming, or, rather, of interactive fiction. As such, if you want to learn about psychoanalysis, but directly, by getting your very own self analyzed, this is a good enough tool to do it with. So, most of the time you will be presented with a different set of options. Like you'd do in an interactive fiction. You choose which one of these feels like a choice you'd take, in real life. A the end you get a profile of yourself. Now, while psychoanalysis has been debated and some think it to be little more than mouth wash, while others see it as something more true, without question, the software piece here is sufficiently entertaining to be worthy of looking into. It sits great in that very same spot in which Alter Ego and Mind Mirror sit, challenging you to be honest about yourself or, with the abilities of the era, ask you to project yourself as someone else and see where that takes you. So, download the bunch of them, they all have some of that mid 80s mystical mentality, which I'm sure some will enjoy in a sort of tongue in cheek manner, more than anything else.

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