Action 1987 Dos Epyx Strategic scope Puzzle based

Cracking ball rolling fun

For lovers of the likes of arcade classics such as Marble Madness, Nebulus and Spindizzy, this clever but little known puzzler is a perfect delight that is well worth seeking out. It's got everything you want from an old-school game, with lovely chunky 2D graphics, slick controls and inventive gameplay and which all combine to create a lovely little treat. The concept might not be overly original but it's executed well enough to excuse any lack of innovation while there are some cool mechanics which also go some way towards making up for any shortcomings the game might have. The principle here is to guide a little eyeball through a series of mazes (quite why an eyeball would need to do such a thing is unclear), collecting items like keys and so on, while solving puzzles and looking for the way out (which any reasonable being would do under the circumstances, eyeball or not). To make matters even more challenging, the game is played against the clock, which adds a nice sense of pressure to proceedings and helps make it even more enjoyable. As stated, what's on offer here is nothing startlingly new but it's put together almost perfectly so you don't mind that you've seen it before elsewhere. Instead, you can simply enjoy the cracking retro graphics, which are gloriously chunky and full of personality, while the mazes are intelligently designed and packed with head-scratching puzzles, which are generally logical and almost entirely lacking in frustrating obtuseness. There really isn't much wrong with Mind-Roll and was justly hailed as a classic on release, a title it can still claim today.

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