Action 1988 Dos Top down Strategic scope Puzzle based

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This little known old-school experience is a sort of mix of such delights as Chip's Challenge and Boulderdash and while it's not quite in the same league as these classics, it's well worth a closer inspection if you're in the mood for some retro fun. The basic concept is pretty familiar, and sees players exploring a series of some 60 levels, each of which are crammed full of treasure, traps and bad guys. The goal on each level is to reach the exit but before you can move on, you have to clear them out of of all hazards and grab all the goodies. The hazards here include such interesting things as surprise arrows which are triggered by your movements and of course the ubiquitous falling rocks that are practically a prerequisite for this kind of thing. The whole thing is played out in standard overhead view and if you're playing the DOS version, then the graphics are represented by some very basic old-school ASCII-style symbols which give it the appearance of something like the Kroz games. As far as Boulderdash knock-offs go, this is surprisingly decent stuff. If you can get past the exceedingly crude exterior (which admittedly might be difficult for some), you will find a well-executed little game that is highly enjoyable to play. The levels are well designed and intricate, with some highly inventive traps and layouts, and which provide plenty of challenge, even for hardened veterans of this kind of thing. It can be a little tricky to get your head around the visuals to start, as you have to figure out what everything is, but once this is done, a good time can be found here.

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