Arcade 2004 Windows Beat em up

Fighter with anime characters, not very stylish though

MindArms goes knee deep into the recipe of classic fighter games with anime characters, and its twist is that most of these characters are teens or maybe children. Other than that, it's a pretty vanilla experience. Another issue that some might come to face, especially if they've been playing games such as Guilty Gearguilty-gear-xx-reload# is that the tone, or well, the polish of the game is not as worthy of admiration as that series was. The backgrounds and the players are not as stylized, and therefore, MindArms is a bit of a letdown, but then again, you can't judge it too harshly given that it's a fans effort type game, one of these MUGEN types fan brews. And judged bearing that in mind, MindArms is actually an alright game, given how many half baked games have seen the light of day from eager but ultimately careless bedroom developers! Anyway, play it for the anime children fighter twist but keep your expectations low. MindArms it's not great, although it's a nice overall game, one that can be enjoyed for a while until you figure out which fully blown fighter (series) you're going to settle for.

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