Destruction Desire

Arcade 2004 Windows Beat em up

Reminds of Guilty Gear but its even more elegant!

If fighter games were flowers, the MK series would be a thorny bush, the Street Fighter series would be a, hmm, a cocktail Molotov (hehe!) and The Guilty Gear series would have to be the kind of bouquet of red roses that hides a dagger within, hehe! Alright so much for my analogies, but stay with me, if this is the envelope we're working within, then within it, Destruction Desire would be the one single rose, elegant, beautiful, packing lots of femininity but also the sleek destruction qualities inherent to it, if you manage to put your finger right on the one thorn, the one you've just missed seeing! Just like a single flower, Destruction Desire doesn't overwhelm you with too many options or players, but the players that are included are animated and are drawn very beautifully in a Japanese style that is minimalist and beautiful to behold, never too extravagant, but neither without its charms. So, players of Guilty Gear should really check it out, while the rest should definitely give it a go, it's a beautiful game, regardless of genre. It's the beautiful, classy and kind elegant girl of the fighter games, in a world where boys are most of the other choices!

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