Double Dragon 2

Arcade 1989 Dos Dosbox Technos Japan Beat em up

Arcade beat em up with loads of surprises

Released in 89, Double Dragon 2 is definitely a modern arcader for the DOS environment, a sidescroller action beat em up, with enough other interesting additions, from cool, puzzly bosses to loads of weapons used, that it really transcends the genre. Sure, Double Dragon the first shared some of the innovative elements that are taken to the next level by this game, but the level of polish and detail here is definitely not matched by the prequel. So, here's the gameplay gist; you, and sometimes a few companions have to race from left to right, in each level. The enemies can be shot, can be beaten up and they can be sometimes evaded. At the end of most levels a boss awaits. Destroy them all, plow your way through the level, do the platforming and sometimes the minimalist puzzles that are hidden within the game, and you will definitely succeed. Overall, Double Dragon 2 is going to give you a really great experience. Plus, controls wise it plays like a charm, with really immediately responsive controls and a well polished build that is great for replays or for long sessions. Definitely worth a go!

A wild thug brawl

Double Dragon 2, this was a classic game that had a simple premise for a storyline. The game begins with your girlfriend getting beaten up by thugs and dragged off down the street. The game was known for it's great co-operative gameplay mode that made the game heaps of fun playing with a friend. While the game does have it's fair share of glitches and faults, there is something really fun about going back to back with a friend in a virtual street brawl that can't be matched with any other game except Double Dragon 2. This was a very popular game on the NES console gaming system, which many are familar with and was ported to PC for MS-DOS as well as for many other consoles in the late 80's and early 90's. I think this is the best game out of the Double Dragon Trilogy, as Double Dragon 3 is a let down compared to Double Dragon 2. While the port for the computer isn't as fun as other ports for example on the NES, Double Dragon 2 is still a quality game that I still love to play. The game also reminds me of Streets of Rage which is very similar in it's style of gameplay, storyline and street environment where you are beating up gangsters and street thugs. The game has a little bit of a feel like it was an unofficial game for the movie "The Warriors" which is probably why it had such cult appeal.

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