Bob Winner

Arcade 1986 Dos Loriciels Beat em up

Better like magenta and beat em ups!

Oh, boy, what a hot mess of weirdly enticing mid 80s graphics, (almost!) playable brawler beat em up, fighter game elements and a weird ass game throughout, this game is! So here' the deal, this is an action game, by all means, but the action rarely manages to go outside the realm of the most basic of interaction. The graphics are a hot mess due to the fact that this was a sloppy port, the original being an Amstrad PC, which, for all intents and purposes, in the 80s was a much more powerful machine than the regular IBM compatible. When the game was converted, the color scheme had to lose a few colors, and the developers just went with the world's kitschiest ensemble of colors known to men! But, weirdly enough, the higher resolution of the Amstrad was kept, but instead of it adding to the experience, it took out of it! Because most of the magenta craze fasts usually were more pixelated and thus, in a weird way, more palatable. But nope, this is like looking at an animated collection of sunburst comics, that spent a few years in the sun and then a few weeks in the gutter! Yep, that's how bad it is. Play it if you like pseudo psychedelic experiences, not because the developers wanted so, but because they were too sloppy to do anything about it! Or alternatively, if you don't feel like witnessing an accident, play yer older Street Fighter title of choice!

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