Miner VGA

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Mining themed side scroller puzzler

The miner theme is not novel for the gaming of the DOS era and it was used by console and HCs as well, quite extensively. With Miner VGA , the gameplay mechanic that I mostly similar and also common to these games is that of finding your way underground while searching for, in this case, platinum, silver and gold. The story is that you, the player, can only get the girl of your dreams (a prostitute working in a brothel nearby) to marry you if only you raise sufficient cash, in this case $20.000 and also somehow present her with a diamond ring. (Now, that's a gold digger right there!) To get to raise all that money your only option is to keep digging for precious metal, and fortunately your very own home sits on top of large quantities of the metal, so all you have to do is go to work. The trick when digging is to avoid blocking your way or digging a block that is bound to set off a flood. The game graphics look pretty crude, but they work just fine for what the game asks of you to accomplish, so the game is functional. The story is cool, the mechanics work so if you're looking for a simple puzzler where the main activity is digging related, give this game a try, it's quite good and its simple graphics can be quite relaxing to watch.

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