Puzzle 1990 Dos Dosbox Spectrum Holobyte Brainteaser Tetris variant

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Yet another Spectrum Holobyte weird little puzzler

You could say that Tetris, the original, or the myriad of clones trying to put a spin on it were the inspiration to this game here. But if you say that, you kind of leave a bit too much out of the equation. You see, this game doesn't really use the diverse roaster of tetrominoes, the shapes that were its base, nope, instead this game's shapes are much simpler, cut facial features that fall, giving you and expecting of you to assemble them into actual faces. That's pretty much the length to which this game looks and feels like Tetris, teh only mechanic that is similar. Other than that, this game has its own kind of minset, in order to draw you in. It's without doubt a nice game, an interesting game, but nowhere near as long lived as poor old vanilla Tetris. Graphically it's a bland 2D kind of deal, alright, I guess, given that you won't feel like playing it for more than a few times, given taht it gets old quite soon, but it works for the duration. Other than that the controls work as needed, after all it's all about choosing left and right for the piece falling and an axis swap left to right as well. Works, fun for a while, gets old soon. Don't throw away your Acid Tetris game, this isn't the game to take Tetris's' place!

Another Tetris

Like Tetris, but with different facial pieces. Slightly addicting! Different levels with different themes. When you complete who;e faces with the correct pieces, you get more points than completing faces made with a variety of pieces. A game I can play for hours and never tire of! I have never made it past the halloween level.

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