Minigolf Maniacs

Sport 2001 Windows Sierra On-Line Golf

Entertaining and very creative golf courses, great mechanics!

Minigolf Maniacs is a very colorful, very cartoony, 64bit 3D styled golf game. It's an arcade kind of game, the basic principle being that you'll have your micro, the matching of a swinging indicator on a certain bar, with the macro, knowing how and where to send your ball for maximum efficiency and minimum number of swings. Yep, it's the same old mechanic that has always been the staple of these arcade styled golf games. But this game in particular is really bubbly and fizzy, with lots of entertaining, at times even loony maps. The idea is that these don't try to replicate real life scenarios, nope, it's all about creativity unconfined by realism, or, rather, unconfined by the rules of real life! Nope, Minigolf Maniacs offers you wacky but entertaining minigolf courses. Twisted, creative, and ultimately still very playable, colored with great shiny colors and with clean, quality graphics. A clear winner! Play it along Miniverse Minigolf, but know that Minigolf Maniacs wins this round in terms of creativity!

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