Golf Adventure Galaxy

Sport 2003 Windows KatGames Golf Strategy


For lovers of more offbeat golf games like Zany Golf, this is a low budget treat that is well worth adding to your collection. It combines some decent physics with some inventive courses and solid golfing action to make an entertaining way to while away a couple of hours. It's not going to last you forever, but while it does last, you're in for a good time. In sharp contrast to more realistic golf games, this is a science fiction crazy golf experience that sends you into the outer reaches of the galaxy in search of golfing fun. There are five separate worlds, each with four levels, and which are themed around things like ancient temples from forgotten civilizations, asteroids, space stations, planets and so on. The goal is the same as usual in such things, being to guide your ball through the course in as few hits as possible but there are also added diversions in the form of mini-games like a Breakout clone, boss battles, and more and which all serve to add to the variety. You've also got a two-player mode which is probably the best way to play if you can. Golf Adventure Galaxy is actually a pretty neat little game which makes for an ideal diversion. It gets the physics side of things just about right while the controls are nice and easy to pick up, with just the right degree of sensitivity and control but without feeling awkward. The courses themselves are well designed with some nicely challenging and inventive ones to try out while the visuals are simple but effective, making this an overall decent little game.

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