Quarky & Quaysoo's Turbo Science

Puzzle 1992 Dos Sierra On-Line Education Cartoon

Science bound edutainment, experimental and for kids

Two qualities this edutainment bundle has: it uses experiments so as to allow you to gain access to some insights about the natural world, and, also, another thing that it gets done is to allow you to get these experiments to children. This is helped by the design, on one hand, it is also helped by the fact that the game is built very colorful, and also, because it is very simple and very direct. You will learn how to use thermometers (and how they function, what are the natural laws that govern them) and, also, you will learn about the properties and the laws that govern a lot of other objects and instruments. Really neatly executed, very simple and very satisfying puzzles, that will definitely make science seem natural and interesting for kids. The make of the game might also be its break, because, as I mentioned, this is a game which is not meant for anyone else but kids or people who are at the beginning of their learning curve in science. But, for the right audience, this and a good old Super Solvers game will prove more than enough o give them some excitement as well as some well deserved play!

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