Monster Truck Madness

Racing 1996 Windows Microsoft Other transport simulation Unconventional

Live the madness on track!

Monster Truck Madness is a 1996 racing game that will offer an exciting experience with its chaotic gameplay! You will perform slips, jumps at high altitudes (some of the races will challenge you to jump over cars), and other wild moves on dirt tracks, circuits (require passing checkpoints struggling to complete all laps before the opponents do it) , rallies (similar to circuits, but you have to complete only one lap), tournaments (more complex, you will race against various clever opponents) and drag modes (the dullest). I guess I don't need to mention the main purpose of this game, because it is a racing game, and all the racing games have the same goal: winning! During the races, you will have to be efficient and find shortcuts. Before every ride you will choose a monster truck from 8 models. Take into consideration the type of track, as the vehicle has to be the most suitable for it. The game is so spectacular that you will like even when you crash, as the effects and realism are pretty cool. It had an impact on me! The variety of options will impress you and the vehicles can be personalized whatever you want to, but after the road's condition. Take the competition to an awesome and more sensational level with the multiplayer mode, racing against a computer or your friends!

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