Racing 2001 Windows 1C Company Futuristic Unconventional

Hit the gas!

Fans of classic science fiction racers like Wipeout, Extreme G and even the mighty Powerdrome should definitely add this superb title to their collection, offering as it does pretty much everything you could for in a futuristic driving game. The background to Ballistics relates how in the future, the populace has grown bored with typical, non-violent sports and seeks a little something extra in their entertainment. Thus was Ballistics born and although the story is not exactly original, it's not that important as the game itself delivers on pretty much every other front. The gameplay is not particularly innovative and simply puts players into the cockpit of a super fast, hi-tech racing craft but everything is implemented so well that you can't help but enjoy it all. There are several leagues to contend with,with plenty of twisty turny, tunnel-based courses to hack around at ridiculous speeds, with the interior nature of many of the tracks adding a nice sense of claustrophobia to proceedings. Your craft is upgradeable, with plenty of choice in replaceable parts which also adds to the sense of progression. As far as sci-fi racers go, this is top notch stuff. The visuals are superb, with slick environments and a fantastic sense of speed, while the tracks are rarely less than thrilling to speed around, with plenty of gut churning moments to enjoy. The game also presents a good challenge, so it should keep you racing for some time and all things considered, this deserves to be played by any genre fan.

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