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2 percent of the population remains; they race!

Powerslide is a racer game, modern, 3D, with a dark backstory. The world has almost been wiped away by nuclear holocaust. Only 2 percent of the population still remains, and these 2 percent need to fight for the very scarce resources. Thus, they race, and you are one of those racers. The game looks great for its time; it's got shadows, particle effects and really smooth driving cars, with easy controls and really satisfying production. All in all, the cars have great dynamics, and that feel of rat racers, just freshly salvaged, and rather simple to produce. Overall, though, Powerslide is lots of fun, even if it doesn't have a lot of tracks. But you can race both at night as well as during the day, which changes the atmosphere of the races pretty much. So, overall, Powerslide has a lot of potential, is a great, satisfying game, and overall a great product of its time. Play it alongside 1nsane, with which it shares a certain love for desolate areas. Both however have their dose of originality and Powerslide is definitely not different.

The wasteland racer is true to it's name

Powerslide is a rather unique off-road wasteland racer, with plenty of modes, options, cars and levels. Just the atmosphere alone can get you thinking what happened in 2020, a lot of the levels are open yet full of detail. Even on my old Riva TNT2 got a great framerate, which is great for a racing game and the sense of speed was and still is amazing in this game. With the large selection of drivers and their cars there's a lot there to keep you entertained, as you progress through the career you'll unlock faster and more powerful machines to stay in the competition.There are plenty of easter eggs in the levels too, which you'll see in the preview video above. Which makes playing with the physics rather interesting. Powerslide really stays true to it's name, most machines hardly have any grip at all (rather similar to V-Rally's engine) and you'll constantly find yourself missing the corner or messing up your racing line. It's surely a skill you will have to develop as you progress through the game's career, which is best played with a Joystick :) As it's a super memorable game for me and will be for those who've played it before it gets 5/5!

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