MegaRace 3

Racing 2001 Windows DreamCatcher Interactive Futuristic Car and action Unconventional Action Rally Simulation sport

Fast, colorful racer with a futuristic visual theme

Mega Race 3 continues the tradition of fast paced, adrenaline inducing racing in futuristic environments, with vehicles that are not from this world! The game creates the perfect environment for sessions that will feel fast, dazzling and that leave you wanting for more. You have a load of tracks, all of them rather techno, illuminated in neon sparkle and conducive to a very good feel. Graphically, the game looks astounding today as well, with a bit of jaggedness and a few textures that might not be the most clear and sparkly. However, the pace of the races is fast enough to never leave you feeling that you are experiencing a bad looking game. In terms of jumps and lessons learned from the older games in the series, Mega Race 3 brings in more of the same, with the polish you would expect. Also with very responsive controls, you cannot really go wrong with this one, it is a highly playable, highly entertaining pure racer, worth keeping installed on your machine. Only of you are not that much into glittery, futuristic racers, maybe you won't like it, but otherwise the game is worth every minute you spend with it.

Crazy track design

MegaRace 3 is the third installment in the MegaRace series of arcade-style racing games, somehow similar to Planet of Death. The level design is crazy: you have dark caves, which are lit by some glowing fairy and tunnels where you can race upside down. There are power-ups along the track, giving you certain weapons that will help you along the way. The graphics and sound are top-notch. In conclusion, MegaRace 3 earns the word MEGA in its title. It's fun, entertaining and has some crazy track design.

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