Adventure 1998 Windows Piranha Interactive Mystery

Typical mystical adventure

It is a mystic style adventure game where you will play an adventurer named Matthew Homes who has got lost in Artic Blizzard and has a mission to unfold the mystery that is behind the disspaareance of his father. As the game starts off, you will find that your charcter is in a very large ghost ship and this ship also has something to do with the disappearance of the character's father. The game also has some sci-fi elements in the form of a variety of different gadgets that are found in the ghost ship and all these gadgets will help you to solve the mystery and manipulate different scenarios. Point and click is the gameplay and the game is played from first person perspective. As you move on in your quest, you will find that there are many mysteries within the mysteries which will unfold with your right steps. It also features many different puzzles which are associated with solving different scenarios and these puzzles will be solved through different clues. The gameplay is by all means very diverse and the UI is equally good to support this diversity. The graphics as far as I am concerned are excellently because they are clear and pleasing to the eye. Private Eye is another game which has known to make it good in the industry and has somewhat the same gameplay.

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