Adventure 1997 Windows Virgin Interactive Mystery Movie style

A bit of telepathy, a pair of rifles and a hot girl

So.. Do you want to see a movie or are you up for some gaming? Why not both? This is the second time I've seen live actors in a video game (the first time being while playing In the 1st Degree), and I totally went crazy for this game. It's like being in a sci-fi action movie that you can control at your will. You get over 2 and a half hours of hardcore action, almost all of them FMV sequences with live actors (all of them pretty good at their job),a cool story line, and tons and tons of testosterone. There's even a pretty lady in the whole mix. And yeah, she's pretty badass. Together, you two have to destroy the quasi terrorist sect (conveniently called Sectoids) with a lot of guns, explosions and even some telepathy. It's pretty cool when you have to gun down "real" people, i.e. actors instead of animated ones. Mostly, the game is seen in a third person view, but when you control the game, it shifts into a first person view. This game is Die Hard meets The Delta force with sci fi elements and hot chicks. If this game doesn't scream "manly" then I don't what does. It's great!

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