Majestic Part 1: Alien Encounter

Adventure 1995 Windows Piranha Interactive Science Fiction Mystery

A good sci-fi adventure

It is a very good but short adventure game with a futuristic plot. A very good vessel was designed for setting of in space and as named as SS Majestic. The cruiser in its first travel went missing along with the on board people. The search for it was discontinued but it has been found out where the location of the cruiser is. So you are now sent to check out what actually happened to and that is where the adventure begins. As you move onto the cruiser you will have four vehicles which you will be controlling through a remote in your shuttle. The vehicles are actually nodes which will be sent to different section of the ship to gather information and items that could be of use to solve the mystery. The view that the vehicles will give you is very much like a first person view and you will actually feel like that you are exploring the ship yourself. The puzzles and the riddles in the game have been well designed and are quite logical and competitive. The game involves doing a lot of things in different missions and is full of variety and strategic elements. The controls are very good and so is the user interface. For lovers of aliens' games, Alien Virus will be a good one.

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