The Legend of Lotus Spring

Adventure 1998 Windows DreamCatcher Interactive Mystery Oriental

Game for girls, unfun for any gender, unfortunately...

The Legend of Lotus Spring is an oriental themed adventure, in the same ballpark as Myst, but while Myst was aggravating at times though it had its mysteries and its amount of puzzles, this one game here manages no more than to offer you a washed down experience, one that is by no means suited for players that want to be involved, that want to have interactivity and at least a medium size of it. Nope, The Legend of Lotus Spring does a good job at being interesting graphical, in a sort of Japanese style, but it forgets to have at least a modicum of originality. The development team of only women that toiled for the game forgot that this game also had to entice players with the real tools that entice players: interactivity. So play it if you will as a sort of multimedia interactive experience, but don't expect a lot of game in it. The story though is fun, like a Romeo and Juliet of the Chinese. At least storywise it is better than Myst, which is still an achievement, but not one that most players will see as enough to forgive the game's poor interactivity.

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