Mortal Kombat Project

Action 2003 Windows Beat em up


Nowadays, there are a lot of fan-made games out there that you need a list to keep track of them. However, not all fan-made games turn out to be memorable games, so even the fans can somehow mess up the image of the game that they love so much. Fortunately, the are a lot more great fan-made games that one deserves to be mentioned: Mortal Kombat Project. I'm a fan of the newer Mortal Kombat games, because I'm terrible at the original MK trilogy. Mortal Kombat Project is a stand-alone game that was made by a few fans. It uses the same graphics like in Mortal Kombat 3, has almost all the characters from the frist three games and a new character named Hydro, which is a Sub-Zero like version of Cyrax or Sektor. The game even offers a team combat mode, where two teams of two characters fight eachother. That alone caught my attention and ended up playing that mode. Shao-Kahn still manages to be a pain in the neck and the most unfair video game boss of all times. But overall, every fan of the MK series would definitely enjoy Mortal Kombat Project. It's an awesome game and it would be a pitty to pass it.

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