Mortal Kombat 4

Action 1998 Windows Midway Beat em up Fighting Combat

Brutal and bloody brawler

The legendary beat 'em up series known for its graphic violence and hardcore fighting action returns in this fourth instalment, and while there are a few new additions to this edition, notably the 3D graphics, it retains the franchise's reputation for providing solid brawling action. Story-wise, the game features some nonsense about the Elder Gods, the Netherealm and some evil God called Shinnock who is out to cause the usual mayhem, but really this is just an excuse for some serious one-on-one combat and is entirely inconsequential and superfluous. Gameplay plays out pretty much as you'd expect, with the usual array of characters duking it out across a range of environments, each with their own special moves, powers and combos which must all be used to send their opponents into the middle of next week. However, this time around, weapons are introduced in limited fashion and which can be thrown or swung at your enemies. While a small addition, this does add some tactical variety and is fairly well handled. There is a good mix of new and classic characters here, with plenty of variety in their fighting styles and which provides high replay value as you attempt to master them all. Of course, Mortal Kombat has always been known for its brutal violence and this version doesn't disappoint in this respect, with several new fatalities available in glorious 3D. Graphics are impressive enough, fast, smooth and detailed with great character models, while the sound is suitably meaty with lots of gruesome effects. While it doesn't do anything new, Mortal Kombat 4 is an enjoyable and satisfying fighter, with all the characters and moves that fans crave and although it lacks the depth of the best Street Fighter games, there is still a lot of fun to be had here.

Fight for glory

After giving consecutive successful trilogy, a lot was expected from the 3D version of MK4. The game has become bloodier this time and the excitement of playing it on 3D is something very enticing. Characters are more furious and the battle to save the earth has been taken to a whole new level in this version. Good to see Scorpion and Raiden back in the game, but the new characters like Shinnok and Quan Chi are the ones to watch out for. They can even jump to the polygons isn't it great! One significant drawback I realized was the older style of fighting because since it's a 3D, I was expecting some exceptional new techniques to match the technology. But overall the game has become faster, graphics have been improved tremendously, and the highlight of this version is that while playing the game, certain characters can change their outfits and weapons too. Game play has been made smooth and some new moves have been incorporated for the immortals which has definitely increased interest for the gamers. Inclusion of four new and extremely gruesome moralities is a treat for the fans. Throwing ENEMIES into the now 3D polygonal fans and watching their body part spun around is an amazing experience for a die-hard MK fan like me. Eurocom has developed a great game this time but I wish that this semi-3D feel of the game gets eradicated in the next installment. Apart from MK4, some of the best features of the previous three versions have been combined in the exciting Mortal Kombat Trilogy which is also worth playing.

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