Mortal Kombat 3

Action 1995 Dos Dosbox GT Interactive Beat em up

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Real mortal action game

This game truly lives up to its name as you have some real good combat action where your mortals will go out and hit each other with all their moves and brutality. It's basically a platform action game that involves some real action sequences which can be performed very swiftly. I would recommend you to use a joystick for this one because it gets hard to use all the moves through the keyboard. In terms of the gameplay, you can use a good combination of kicks, punches, flying moves and can also block and run at the same time. The characters that were present in the second version of this series are all present and involve all their brutality, fatalities and their friendships. The special moves that different characters perform can still be managed in this one and they have added good fine details or smooth transitions which make the action look even more vibrant and clear. They have fine-tuned the graphics and have added good details to the stages to set up a more combat friendly environment. You will also need some online guides to understand how to reproduce special moves. Mortal Kombat 4 which came after this one has the same vigor and class.

Third MK game

Mortal Kombat 3 is Mortal Kombat 3, it's exactly what the game is on every other platform that it has been ported to. However, the controls for a keyboard are something I could just never get used to. I strongly recommend the use of a controller of some sort. The combination of all the punches and kicks, plus block and run, were just too much for one hand to manage. All the characters from Mortal Kombat three are there, along with the fatalities, babalities, friendships, and brutalities. Nothing was censored for this version. All the blood you remember will be there, too, along with the double stages and stage fatalities. Special moves and the various finishers are still incomprehensible, with the exception of a quarter-circle forward and an attack. That's usually good for something. So, it's in the player's best interest to once again look for guides on-line for all the move lists to print out and keep handy as a reference. It's the most intense 2D Mortal Kombat game out there, with the exception of the latest re-boot / continuation of the series.

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