Fate Axis

Action 2002 Windows T-Rlam Beat em up

Looks like an anime version of Virtua Fighter!

Fate Axis is a standalone fighter/beat em up, but if you take a good look at it and button it just for a few presses it will soon dawn on you: the game seems as if has taken the vanilla Virtua Fighter experience and put it through its paces in through a Japanese visual style change up. That 3D look is there, the characters are also made of blocky 3D elements that hinge like Pinocchio, the only major difference is that they are more colorful, sport anime clothing and hair styles and also have that unworldly gait in the face of danger! Alright, maybe that last trait os caused by them being rendered by an engine that is just blocky by design! Anyway, I'm not accusing the game of being some deliberate rip-off, and even if it was, the fact that it surfaced in 2002 game it little space to compete against the much older Virtua Fighter classic. Instead it just offered a style of fighting that belonged to another time and to another reality completely, which is something that must have been really nice for many fighter players looking for something different. Try it out, and do compare it with Virtua Fighter, but also give Mortal Kombat Project a go, a game that was yet another fan remake (or, more precisely a modern interpretation!), this time of another much more beloved fighter!

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