MX vs. ATV Unleashed

Racing 2006 Windows Nordic Games Motorbike Simulation Simulation sport Off road

Start your engines!

Although a far cry from the likes of classic racers such as Outrun and Power Drift, this is a top notch bit of action that deserves to be played by anyone looking for some high octane thrills. As you might expect, this gives you the opportunity to race at high speed on a variety of vehicles across some pretty bumpy courses, and which will see you take to the air on regular occasion. There are a number of game styles to try your hand at, including SuperMoto, Short Track, Hill Climb, Monster Mash, Gap Jumps and several more, while you also have an extensive range of stunts to pull while you're catching air and which add even more to the fun. There are a variety of courses to race across too, with several different environments which offer their own unique challenges, while the addition of multi-player and a track editor also add even more interest to what is already a well rounded package. This game builds on the developer's earlier Motocross Madness and improves on pretty much every aspect to create a thoroughly enjoyable racing game. The visuals here are decent enough, with a good sense of speed and plenty of eye candy to catch the eye as you race. The extensive range of race types and courses also ensures there's plenty to keep you busy and thanks to the solid AI, there's a good challenge on offer too, even if you are a veteran racer. It's a game that's perhaps best enjoyed with a controller, but even without one, it's still highly enjoyable and well worth digging out if you're into racing games.

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