ATV Mudracer

Racing 2005 Windows Denda Multimedia Motorbike Driving Sport Action Arcade

Mudskipping fun

If cheap and cheerful racers like London Racer are your bag and you're searching for another such addition to your collection, then ATV Mudracer might just be what you're looking for. However, if you're more after a quality driving experience that's actually good, then you're going to want to look elsewhere, as this is pretty ropy stuff. This is a pretty basic driving game that pits you against five other drivers who are riding quad bikes in a series of mud-based races where the simple goal is to be first across the line, with the ultimate aim of getting enough points to be crowned World Champion. Your races take you across the world to countries including France, the UK, Germany, Spain, Brazil and the United States, while there are also several different quads to try out. These differ in terms of appearance and handling, with some of the humorous names including Golden Turkey, Grass Mower and Black Knight. That's pretty much all there is to say about the game really, so if you go in expecting anything more you're definitely going to be disappointed. And indeed, there really isn't anything that's particularly great about this. It's obviously a budget offering, so there's little in the ways of options or replay value here, and you can expect to be finished in an afternoon if you do pick this up. The visuals are as you would expect, lacking in detail or shine, while the track design is uninspired at best, being workmanlike. It's perhaps not a terrible game but it's also not a great one, so it's easily skipped.

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