Road Rash

Racing 1994 Windows Electronic Arts Humorous Motorbike City race

Stimulating Motorcycle racer, well polished and kickass!

Road Rash is a motorcycle racer from Electronic Arts, produced in 1994, before rock music was no longer cool or appealing! Yes, if you want to try out a game that features some cool Alice in Chains songs or some tunes from Chris Cornell, go ahead, this game packs that up, offering a really well put together package, one that will offer you a lot of satisfaction. Graphically and in terms of controls the game is better than average, maybe quite a bit better than average, but it sure could have aged better. No, it won't disappoint you if you can endure small resolutions and rather washed up textures, but, like I said, even for 94 it could have been way better. So play it, it's the kind of game that is well suited for those that love racers that happen on the open road as well as on circuits. Also, if you love the rock beats of the 90s it's got that attitude that just can't be beaten, that punk ass attitude that games no longer can sport these days. And have a go at Carmageddon 2 for a similarly badass racer, though this time with vehicles!

Brutal, fast and terribly fun

Road Rash is a 1994 motorcycle racing game published by Electronic Arts, which is a remacke to the original Road Rash. Firstly, before describing the gameplay, I will say this: Road Rash will give you one hell of a race! It is brutal, fast and terribly fun! The three game modes allow you to earn cash, throw down your opponents off their bikes, in your way to become the best. With the earned cash you can buy various upgrades and repair the caused damage, for a great progress in the game. There are only 5 tracks: The City, The Peninsula, Pacific Highway, Sierra Nevada, and Napa Valley. But beware, they are dangerous, alright! You will encounter obstacles on your way, such as the dense traffic, the many people that walk in the city, the cops, that can arrest you if you stop near them. The entertaining aspect stays in the unconventional nature of the racing. While you drive your motorcycle, you can attack your near opponents with your weapon, trying to bring them to the ground. However, you can choose your option when it comes to victory, by either trying to get the top place or attempting to rush the drivers. Remember that they will do the same to you, if you assault them. The graphics are mediocre, but your main attention should stick to the action and on the road. Become bad and experience the hardcore racing by playing Road Rash!

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