Dungeon Master Java

RPG 2001 Windows Alandale Fantasy First person

Improved and reworked Dungeon Master clone

Dungeon Master Java is a recreation of the original Dungeon Master dungeon crawler, released in 2001 to be playable in browser, via the Java platform. The game features more solid graphics, with better color palette, better overall design of the enemies and the dungeons themselves. However, the original designs are still all in there, so this is pretty much a one to one clone, of course, with the added benefit of better looking graphics. So, if you wanted to play Dungeon Master, but didn't really mange to sink into it due to the age/graphics/hassle of setting up a DOS Box, with this game you no longer have to worry. You'll be in it without having to take the toll of the age of the game. Furthermore, you will most certainly be impressed by the way the game is built on its own merits, the fun exploration bits and the more or less random fights and loot finds. Sure worth a glance, if anything, for the more palatable graphic envelope it sports. But, on the other hand, true DOS gamers will feel that battling the older graphics and interface is where it's at in the genre, so you know, have it as you deem best.

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