Dark Age of Camelot

RPG 2001 Windows Abandon Entertainment Fantasy First person Third Person Role playing Mmo

One of the first MMOs in 3D, still going strong!

MMOs are really a uniquely enduring set of games, something that a title like Dark Age of Camelot shows, even now, at the end of 2013, when this game is almost 13 years! Yap, it endured, and, surely, while not the behemoth that WoW is, it is still played by a large community. In terms of type of role playing experience it is a type of game that functions on the similar principles of classic MMOs, that is there are instanced areas, there is PVP and PVE, there are leagues and you will still be asked to grind a lot. The game has been rather slow in terms of receiving new content as of late, but it is not completely forgotten by the developers, so that there is always to have done even after reaching your cap. An original aspect of the game is the fact that it is one of the very few MMOs to tackle a medieval universe where Arthurian and Norse mythology are fused to create this really dense medieval fantasy world. Graphically, if you share that MMO mindset, where games don't have to be the best and most photorealistic, this game's 3D environments will feel more than satisfying, plus, the majority of the graphic assets have been refreshed over the years, so it won't look like a game from 2001 at close scrutiny, actually. The alternative? Anarchy Online can be a great MMO as well, though dystopian futuristic instead of medieval fantasy.

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