Murder Cruise

Adventure 1990 Dos Mystery

Elementary my dear Watson!

Wannabe detectives who enjoy sleuthing games like Clue and Murder on the Zinderneuf will probably also get a lot of fun out of this little title. It's not perfect by any means but for a good way to kill a little bit of time, this is a more than acceptable option. It plays out a little like an interactive text adventure, like Zork, with the player arriving on board the S.S. Hedonist but instead of exploring and solving puzzles in the traditional fashion, the goal here is to discover who is the murderer. As is typical, you explore the ship using familiar commands, although there is a lack of ones which you might expect, such as LOOK and TALK. Instead, you must read carefully the room descriptions and pay close attention to the characters' dialogue, in the hope that you will pick up some vital clues which will lead you to the killer. There is sadly no way to actually interact with the characters, which is a little disappointing, but this aside, this is a decent little adventure that makes for a pleasant change from the usual kind of things that interactive fiction does. The whole thing is really one big set of deductive riddles but it is testament to the game's design that it remains as enjoyable as it does. The mystery is a pretty hefty one and will take even determined armchair detectives some time to solve, with plenty of thrilling moments along the way. If criticisms are to be made, there is a slightly illogical way of solving the mystery but this is a minor thing and on the whole this is good stuff.

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