Murder on the Zinderneuf

Adventure 1984 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Third Person Mystery

A mystery adventure in ASCII; better than expected

Here's the premise of the game: a murder occurs during a Zeppelin flight, quite strange and quite unexpected, yes, but still, no matter the circumstances, the killer must be found and the story behind it all must be revealed. As such, you will find that Murder on the Zinderneuf is a very interesting, lots of fun kind of game, a product that in spite of its graphical limitation manages to truly shine, and do a great narration job as well as to involve you in the gameplay itself. Given how the game is built, out of its extended graphical characters, you'd think that the amount of detail in game would be uneven. Well, you'd guess wrong if that was your guess! Because, with its timer set challenges it creates the kind of gameplay mechanics that feel right in this graphical setting and work great. So, yeah, it's a race against the clock to find the killer and the faster you are, the better score you get. Liked the run? How about you try it again! Yeah, Murder on the Zinderneuf is also the kind of rare adventure game that can be played again and again. You see, the culprit is different in every gameplay run, which truly makes replay value stand out. So, yeah, try it out. I liked it as much as I liked Zed or at least a few of Zed's mod instances! Anyway, see, hmm, some other smart ASCII games out there as well

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