Adventure 1990 Dos Dosbox Creative Materials Mystery

Like the board game Clue, only better!

Here's a mystery game, in digital boardgame format. It plays a lot like Clue, but it has a few elements that set it apart. You act like an investigator looking to solve a case of murder. And, you'll play a lot like in a classic adventure game, only that a lot of the options that you have a re there for you to use most of the time. You will have missions that feel like a minimalist forensic detective game, others that are simple tasks of locating clues, which play as your regular pixel hunts, and, furthermore, there are tracking missions, where your activities revolve around locating and catching a bad guy. Anyway, all of these tasks are puzzles, so don't expect a hardcore action game, but a cool collection of minigames, all that feed off one and the same principle. The game is an 8 bit classic in terms of graphic and the quality of the graphics, and I'm sure you're gonna find the game alright if you're alright with minimalist decors, but overall, quality graphics. Similar to this one, Murder in Space plays pretty much the same, but you are taken on a space station.

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