Murder on the Atlantic

Adventure 1986 Dos Dosbox IntraCorp Third Person Mystery

Jump into the Bourgogne an ocean liner from the 30s!

In Murder on the Atlantic you play a detective, which happens himself to be on a cruise, and there, after a murder takes place, leaves you to solve it and try and find who the perpetrator was. It's an old game, released in 86, and yet it still manages to have a certain air of epoque to it. Sure, the 2D screens, in which most of the game takes place won't paint a very detailed picture of the scenes, but there are a few elements, here and there, that will transport you back in time. There are 40 suspects to churn through, there are rooms to investigate but the gameplay is mostly menu driven, with minigames taking the place of point and clicking. Still, it's a playable game, and the best part is that it plays atop a number of actual documents, which play an important part in the game. At the end, if you've paid enough attention, you'll be able to answer the questions correctly and win. A weird and fun experience. Download it with Cruise for a Corpse, a similar murder mystery game, with a big portion set on a ship too.

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