Murder Makes Strange Deadfellows

Adventure 1991 Dos Dosbox Tiger Media Cartoon Mystery

Mystery and murder adventure game

I'm using the term adventure game to describe this title with a bit of a concessions... you see, it play more as a set of interactive slides, as if you were playing a digital version of an interactive graphical story, you know, a cartoon strip. And, what the game story is, is a mix of murder mystery investigation. However, your options in the game are those that get sent to you at certain times, forking the story in this or that way. There are puzzles too in there, investigative type ones, but there are also some bits and portions that are about looking really hard into the environment and picking up objects, as you'd find in any other game out there. At any rate, Murder Makes Strange Deadfellows is sufficiently twisted and diverse to offer you a great overall experience. And, so, look into it lightly and let the story take you. The mental gymnastics it will prompt you to do are more interesting than the mechanical game itself. So try it out, see what it is all about! It is sure worth it, without question. Else see old classic Loom for a much more lighthearted game.

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